Bird life in Ryebank Fields

Local ornithologist Pete Hines has been delighting and educating Friends of Ryebank Fields with his photos and sightings of birds on our cherished wild space. Many locals have been amazed at the diversity of bird species who call the fields home. Sparrowhawks, chiff-chaffs, rooks, meadow pipits, and house martins have all be spotted, reminding us that the fields are already inhabited even without the proposed housing development. Source: Pete Hines

Eat, drink and be merry

The Friends of Ryebank Fields celebrated the August Bank Holiday weekend by bringing together around 150 people for a community picnic. The sun shone on residents of all ages, and some extremely handsome dogs, as they met friends old and new and enjoyed the wild green space. Labour councillors Eve Holt and John Hacking came along to listen to the views of residents and show support for a meaningful engagement. We gathered lots of signatures for our petition and even raised some money for the printing of our fabulous posters.

Poster power

The Friends of Ryebank Fields are grateful to Mark Pivaro for designing these fabulous posters for their campaign. The posters build on the identity and success of the neighbouring campaign to Save Turn Moss. We are sure that residents of Chorlton, Firswood and across south Manchester will once again clear a space in their windows to show the world how much we value our green spaces. Campaign poster If you’d like to get hold of a free poster in A4 or A3 size they are available at Chorlton Bookshop on Wilbraham Road or by request from Nigel Woodcock on the Friends of Ryebank Fields facebook page.

Sign our petition

The Friends of Ryebank Fields are calling on neighbours and green space supporters to sign their petition calling for the land to be given back to the Council rather than used to develop houses. We hope that you’ll take a few moments to understand the reasons behind this petition and how it differs from other ideas being floated. The Friends of Ryebank Fields are a broad church and value the space for a huge variety of reasons.

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